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◆ A complete Chinese learning environment, based on students’ age and Chinese level.

◆ Students can experience Chinese culture in variety of cultural activities 

◆ Qualification: Students, whose age is between 6-15 years old and eager to learn Mandarin, are welcome to join our program.



Mandarin Daily News Language Center organizes Mandarin Learning Programs for oversea students, whose age is between 6-15 years old, to learn Mandarin. Besides Chinese courses, there are cultural activities, such as Chinese chess (GO), clay, Chinese yoyo, kung-fu and so on, arranged for full day and half day courses.

Chinese Course

The Chinese courses of MDN Mandarin Learning Program are designed to reach the goal of developing students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. We open more than 10 Chinese classes in different levels, so the students can be arranged into suitable classes based on their levels and ages.  MDN Language Center designs our own material and has a complete Chinese learning system. From beginners to advanced, from phonics to reading and writing skill, we have a complete series of material.  Also, we use the material published domestically and overseas as supplement material, to provide a full learning experience to all the students.

Enrollment Procedure:

◆ Enroll in Taiwan:

i.  Visit MDN Language Center office, fill out the registration form and pay the tuition fee (in TWD cash) to finish the enrollment.
ii. Email the registration form to, and after receive the payment notice, pay the tuition fee by local bank transfer or in TWD cash.
In case the student is not yet in Taiwan, it’s necessary to leave the parents' email address in order to realize the level assessment; if the student is already in Taiwan, please visit MDN Language Center office to finish the level classification test in person at least a week before the program starts. 


◆ Enroll from oversea:

  Download the registration form from the link provided in “Recent Program” (see below), finish the forms and email back to We will reply with registration confirmation, bank transfer information and payment due date, the students can pay the fees in TWD cash at MDN Language Center office or through bank transfer in Taiwan or from overseas before the due date. To confirm your payment, please inform us by faxing the receipt with the name of the students to us at the following number: +886-2-2391-2008 or email the receipt. After we have received the payment, we will complete the registration and send you a registration complete mail.  

The assessment which will be sent by email will be arranged in a week after the enrollment is done.


Recent Program

Remarks (Must Read!  All the remarks are regarded as agreed after the enrollment is done.)

* No class arranged on national days.

* Mandarin learning programs are group classes. Neither make-up class nor refund is available for any absence.

* Students, beginners excluded, need to take the online assessment before class. 

*If the in-person course can't continue due to the pandemic or other factors, the course will continue online.

* Any cancellation of class due to natural disasters, like typhoons, will be postponed to the date announced. 

    Students who are unable to take the makeup class are deemed as a waiver.

* Students who finished the enrollment but cannot come to the class at the end can apply for the refund in writing according to the regulations of the Department of Education of the Taipei City Government, which is listed on the registration form.

     For people who ask to have the refund through wire transfers, have to take over all the expenses, which were happened over the refunding process, such as T/T banking charges and exchange rate differences. 

* MDN Language Center reserves the right to alter the class time for students of unit per day class.

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