Questions Related to Regular Courses:

A: Yes, there are new courses open monthly. Since the start date can be different every month. Please see our class schedule to know the start and due date of the class.

A: The courses start at the beginning of each month, however, the start date may be different every month. Please see our class schedule to know the start and due date of the class.

A: Yes, you may email to the following to request a application form, and our staff will reply you about the fees and the bank transfer information via email. The enrollment is done once we receive your payment. If you′re a beginner, we will organize your classes so that you may start the courses immediately when you arrive Taiwan; if you have learned Chinese before, please come and take an assessment to arrange your classes.

A: If you will join the course from the middle, please come to our office personally. There will be a placement test at the moment of enrollment. If there is any group course suits the student′s level, it is possible to enter in the middle of the course; if there is no suitable course, individual classes can be organized. Information regarding the fees of individual classes or entering in the middle of the course, please contact the office at 02-2391-5134 or email

A: It′s not necessary for students who join the regular course to apply for a student visa, but students must hold a valid visa or Alien Residence Certificate (A.R.C.) to take the course. For students who don′t have visas, please apply our “Intensive Course” to get assistances of visa applying.

Intensive Course:

A: Our intensive course is a 3-month long course; it starts every month. Please refer to the schedule for the start and due date every month.

A: ① registration form ② a copy of your passport ③ bank statement (minimum of US$5,000 or TWD$150,000 ④ study plan ⑤ a 2-inch photo. All the documents are required.

A: We will send an “Admission Letter” to your email in 3-5 workdays after we receive your payment. For other required documents or the process of applying for the visa, please refer to BOCA website

A: Please email to to request an application, and our staff will reply you with tuition fee and payment; the enrollment is done once we receive your payment. After the enrollment is done, we will send you an “Admission Letter” through email in 3-5 workdays. You may also ask your friends or relatives to visit our office to get the original or pay the postage so that we can mail the original to you.

A: No. All your absence is regarded as a waiver, and neither refund nor make-up class are availble.

A: Our intensive course is a 3-month long course, and students have to take the course continuously. If you pause the course, the rest of it can′t be refunded or resumed.

A: When you take intensive course, your class schedule will be arranged by MDN Language Center. The class time will be either 9:20-12:10 in the morning or 1:30-4:20 in the afternoon, which depends on the class we open in the month.

A: Students from intensive course will take 3 hours of group class per day, so there will be 15 hours of class every week. If you′d like to take more class, you can pay extra fee to arrange individual class.

A: We will arrange assessment for students who have learned Chinese before to ensure they don′t need to start from beginners′ level. Thus, please come to our office before the course starts.

A: If you fail on applying for your visa, please return your receipt and admission letter, and we will refund the full tuition fee to you. However, if you have asked us to mail the admission to you, the postage will be deducted from the refund.

Mandarin Learning Program:

A: The reserved inscription is only open to students who participate the whole program. We don′t accept students who join for only a few days. If you can′t join the program from the first day, please come to the office after the program starts. Your enrollment will be accepted if we have any vacancy. Please notice that the tuition fee will be calculated from the day you enroll until the last day of the program.

A: The students will be classified by their Chinese level and ages. The enrollment is done as we have received the payment, and the evaluation, which is based on the information parents provided on the registration form, will be sent 2 weeks after the payment is done. The link/file and the instruction of the evaluation will be contained in the email we sent; please follow the instruction to finish the assessment within one week. Please notice that student′s level will be the first priority of class arrangement.

A: We teach only traditional Chinese characters and bepemefe (Mandarin Phonetics Symbols, MPS). However, most of our textbooks are indicated with hanyu pinyin and be able to accommodate simple Chinese characters as well. In addition, teachers use both bepemefe and hanyu pinyin while teaching. Thus, if the student has learned pinyin before, he/she doesn′t need to learn bepemefe again, and vice versa.

A: The students who join full/half day program will receive a backpack, texbooks and a communication book; the students join the unit per day course will receive textbooks and a communication book on the first day. Students have to bring their own stationary, i.g. pencils and erasers, water bottle and personal medicine.