2022 Mandarin Learning Spring Program


Students will learn Chinese effiently. After the program, students will be more comfortable using Chinese!
🔶 Qualification: 
Students from overseas,whose age are between 6 – 15 years old and eager to learn Mandarin,are welcome to join us.
🔶 Date, Time & Fee
🔶 Schedule
🔶  Remarks   (Must Read!  All the remarks are regarded as agreed after the enrollment is done.) 
      1️⃣ MDN Language Center reserves the right not to open the program or alter the class time due to the lack of students.
      2️⃣ All the courses are group courses. No make-up class available if students miss any classes.
      3️⃣ April 4 & 5 is the holiday of Tomb Sweeping day, there are no classes arrangement.
      4️⃣ If the in-person course can’t continue due to the pandemic or other factors, the course will continue online.
      5️⃣ Any cancellation of class due to disasters, like typhoons, will be postponed to schdeuled dates.
            ※ Students who are unable to take the makeup class are deemed as a waiver.
      6️⃣ The following 3 items are required for Enrollment: 1. Application form 2. Waiver 3. an e-copy of passport
      7️⃣ Students, beginnners excluded, need to take the online assessment before class
      8️⃣ Students who finished the enrollment but cannot come to the class at the end can apply for the refund in writing according to the    regulations of the Department of Education of the Taipei City Government, which is listed on the registration form. For people who ask to have the refund through wire transfers, have to take over all the expenses, which were happened over the refunding process, such as T/T banking charges and exchange rate differences
🔶 Enrollment:
      Please  Download the registration form (Click to download)  , fill it and email to .
🔶 Contact us:
      TEL : 886-2-2391-5134, 2392-1133 (Ext. 1002-1004)
      EMAIL : 
      WEBSITE :
      ADDRESS : 2F, No 2, Fu zhou St., Taipei City, Taiwan (Gu-Ting MRT station, exit 7)