Chinese Course ONLINE!!!


     Flexible Course Time

             Each class is 50-minute-long. We will help you arrange the time with the teacher.

     Efficient Learning

                To reach your goal efficiently, we plan the course based on your needs.

     Small-sized (1 on 1 / small group) Class

                In a small-sized class within 5 people, we provide students with sufficient practice during class.

     Experienced Teachers

                Our professional and experienced group of teachers will help you learn easily.

     Obvious Improvement

                With our guidance, students improve their abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing stably.












     Teachers use Google Meet to conduct online class (please provide a Gmail account).

    ☆ No make-up class available if students miss any group classes.

     Make up class is available for students who ask for leave at least a day before the class day.

     Please provide document for absence in any special cases. The center has the right to decide whether the make-up class is available or not.

     Any cancellation or absence in make-up class will be regarded as a waiver.

     The date of make-up class has to be arranged with the teacher and be done before the end of the current month.

     Refund policy is based on the rules from Taipei City Government:

 Cancellation, 60 days before the class starts: 95% refund

 Cancellation, 59-1 days before the class starts: 90% refund

 Cancellation, before 2nd day/time of the class starts: 70% refund

 Less than 1/3 of the total class hours: 50% refund

 More than 1/3 of the total class hours: no refund