Customized Course
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Course Feature 

◆Flexible class time and content.

◆Individual class or 2 people class is available. 

    ✽Students’ levels have to be the same for 2 people class.


Class Schedule 

◆Each class is 100 minutes long. (10 minutes break between every 50 minutes.) 

◆Please check out the chart below for available class time. 


Course fees & Required documents 



◆Students have to pay the tuition before the course starts. 

(Pay through bank transfer or pay in cash at MDN Language Center front desk.) 

◆Students must have valid visa or Alien Residence Certificate (ARC)

◆Make up class is available for students who ask for leave at least a day before the class day. 

◆Make up class has to be done before the end of the term. Undone make up class will be regarded as a   waiver. 

◆Any cancellation or absence in make up class will be regarded as a waiver.

◆Tuition refund policy is based on the regulations of the Department of Education of the Taipei City Government.

Class Highlights