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Questions Related to the Regular Courses:

Q1: I am coming to Taiwan only for one month, is it possible to take a course only for one month?
A1: Yes. There are new courses starting at the beginning of each month. Each term takes one month. You can enroll in a 1-month course.

Q2: I am currently abroad, is it possible to inscribe via internet? And then start the classes after coming to Taiwan.
A2: Yes. You can email to to request for the course application. Our staff will reply with application form and information about fees and local or oversea bank transfer. Once we have received your payment, we will organize you courses based on your Chinese level, so that you can start the course as you arrive. However, if we cannot recognize your Chinese level though mails or before that course starts, you need to do an assessment in person on the first day.

Q3: When do the courses start every month?
A3:  The courses start at the beginning of each month.  The classes are held from Monday to Friday.  If the first day of the month meets a weekend, the course will start on the next Monday.  Please refer to the exact dates of the beginning of the courses here

Q4: If I cannot come to the class on the day of the month which the course starts, it is possible to join in the middle of the course? How much would be the fees?
A4: There is a level examination at the moment of inscription. If there is any suitable group course for the student’s level, it is possible to enter in the middle of the course. If there is no suitable course, individual classes with the teacher can be organized. Information regarding the fees of individual classes or entering in the middle of the course please contact the office on the second floor at 02-2391-5134 or email to:


Questions Related to MDN Camp Courses:

Q1: Is it possible to enroll only for some weeks in the summer courses and not the entire program?
A1: Since we have many applicants during the summer courses, the reserved inscription is only open to students who will participate in the whole program; if you can only join some days of classes; then it is necessary to realize the enrollment process on the same day of the course start on site. It is possible to join if there are free places available.

Q2: Will the children be classified according to their Chinese level before entering the summer or winter courses? When is the classification evaluation? How is it organized?
A2: The Chinese courses will be classified according to the students’ level of Chinese and age. Once when we have received the payment, the inscription will be done, and the evaluation will take place according to the time schedule and Chinese level according to the information given by the parents. The classification evaluation will be notified per email about the link on the website the latest two weeks before the start of the courses. The students shall finish the test within one week. Besides of the summer camp courses, all other courses (winter camp, spring camp) could also be classified according to the age besides the level, depending on the number of inscribed students.

Q3: What do the students need to bring on the day of the start of camp classes?
A3: One the day of the start of camp classes, the students shall bring the passport and one photo of 2” to the office on the second floor. We will deliver the textbooks and the bags, the students shall bring on their own water bottle and stationary.