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Presentation of the camp

Our institution organizes Chinese Summer and Winter camp courses for children of 6-15 years of age coming from overseas. Besides the Chinese courses, there are also some other Chinese cultural courses such as calligraphy, kung-fu, Chinese chess, Chinese string arts, figure pinch, facial makeup in Chinese operas, traditional Chinese paintings, paper-cut arts and straw arts, etc.
Characteristics of the camp team: From beginner until the advanced levels, the classes are classified according to the age and level; the learning is based on speaking, listening, reading and writing. Teaching is carried out in small groups, learning is highly efficient. The teaching is very interesting so the students can learn in a pleasant environment.


Summer camp

June, July and August, totaling three terms

Winter camp

December, January, short time camps

Registration procedures

* Documents needed for registration: Passport

1. Personal registration or realized by families or friends in Taiwan: go directly to the office on the second floor, fill out the application form and pay the tuition fee (in NT cash) and realize the registration. In case the student is not yet in Taiwan, it is important to leave the email address in order to realize the level classification tests. If the student is already in Taiwan, then he/she personally go to the office on the second floor and realize the level classification test. Business hours of the office on the second floor: Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
2. Registration from overseas: Through the following website: http//, from “News” download or request the application form by e-mail. Fill out the application form and send it back to the office on the second floor by email. Once we have received the application form, we will reply confirming the registration, the course, the content, bank transfer information and payment due date, the students can pay the fees through bank transfer in Taiwan or from overseas within the due date. After payment, please fax the receipt with the name of the students to us at the following number: +886-2-2391-2008. After we have received the payment, we will complete the registration and send the test link on the website to the student by email.



Chinese courses

The classes are 2 hours, which put emphasis on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The following are teaching materials used in the camps:
Chinese text books: Our own edited teaching materials which teach the reading and writing skills. The levels are equivalent to the primary school levels in Taiwan, for example, after finishing the first book, the students shall have the same level as the first-grade primary school students in Taiwan in reading and writing. After finishing the book 3, the teachers will introduce the concept of writing, which shall serve as base for writing essays in the future. The content of the teaching materials is based on the traditional Chinese characters published by the Ministry of Education, together with the mandarin phonetics symbols and pinyin.
Life Chinese textbook series: These teaching materials are edited by the Ministry of Education and the Commission for Overseas Chinese. This material is oriented toward a mixed teaching method of speaking and listening. Besides writing the new words and sentences, there are many exercises for the use of new words.
Besides these two series of Chinese lessons (one unit per day), we also offer 2 hours of complementary teaching, e.g.:

1. Origin of the words (listening training of Chinese and the use of the words): recognizing the words through pictures, the origin of the words.
2. Stories of 300 words (training of reading and comprehension abilities)
3. Idiom stories (training of listening and application ability of idioms)
4. Writing courses (complementary to the textbook 5, training the writing ability of the children)



Culture courses



Recent camp

2018 Mandarin Learning Summer Program
1) Date Term A. : 2018/06/06~ 2018/06/27
Term B. : 2018/07/04~ 2018/07/27
Term C. : 2018/08/01~ 2018/08/24
2) Class time Full day course, Monday to Friday, 09:30-16:30, 5 Chinese classes + 2 cultural classes
Half day course, Monday to Friday, 13:00-16:50, 2 cultural classes + 2 Chinese classes
Unit per day Chinese course, Monday to Friday: 09:30~12:00, 13:00~14:50, 15:00~16:50
3) Program content 4hrs Mandarin Classes + 2hrs Cultural classes
4) Program

★ Mandarin classes are based on the student’s age and level of Chinese.
★ Our cultural class includes Chinese martial arts, Chinese calligraphy, clay making, etc. It gives students more opportunities to practice Chinese.
⇛ Cultural class is only for the students who take full day or half day Camp Course.

5) Tuition

6) Enrollment & Payment

Register in person: Please come to MDN Language Center front desk at 2nd floor over office hour, which is 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.
Register by E-mail: Completing the Registration Forms, e-mail to and pay the tuition after receiving payment notice.
● International Wire ( in TWD or USD) :
No 11, Sec 2, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C   SWIFT:HNBKTWTP117
● Enrollment Procedure:
1). Download, fill out & Email/fax the application form, camp rules & Waiver together.
2). Pay tuition within deadline by the payment instructions email.
3). Fax(+886-2-2391-2008) or Email the receipt with student’s name on it to MDN.
4). Complete the online assessment after receiving the link from MDN email (excluding beginner).
5). Report to MDN office in person with the passport before the camp begins.

7) Remark
(Must Read)
●he language center reserves the right to alter the class time for students of unit per day class.
June 18th, Monday, is the national day (Dragon Boat Festival), no class arranged.
●Students have to fill out the following documents together to complete the application.
 ⑴Registration Form ⑵ Camp Rules ⑶ Permission & Waiver
●Any cancellation of class due to natural disasters (i.e. typhoons) will be postponed to the following dates, Term A: 6/28 or 6/29, Term B: 7/30 or 7/31, Term C: 8/27, 8/28 or 8/29. Students who are unable to take the makeup class are deemed as a waiver.
●Students who finished the enrollment but cannot come to class at the end can apply for refund according to the regulations of the Department of Education of the Taipei City Government, which is listed on the registration form. For people who cannot get the refund in person have to afford all the expenses (i.e. T/T banking charges and exchange rate differences) during the refunding process.
8) Contact us

TEL : +886-2-2391-5134 / 2392-1133 (Ext. 1002-1004)



Important notice

1. The students who have realized the registration online shall realize the payment transfer within the due date after receiving the payment notification, write the name on the receipt and fax to: +886-2-2391-2008, then the registration process is complete.
2. New students shall realize the level classification test before the course starts (test on the spot or per email online) in order to assign the appropriate group.
3. Children who are learning mandarin phonetic symbols
4. Overseas Chinese (who can understand and speak Chinese well and know the mandarin phonetic symbols)
5. Please present the passport .
6. No replacement of classes or reimbursement of the fees in case of natural disasters and no class can be held.

The students will pay for the bank transfer fees for the payment and reimbursement of fees.

Payment methods: two methods possible. All courses are based on TWD dollars.

1. Payment in cash on-the-spot at once
2. Bank transfer to Huanan Bank, Nanmen Branch, account name: Mandarin Daily News; account number: 117160028408.